30 Minutes

For beginners of all ages. All students begin with this time slot.

45 Minutes

For intermediate students, 10 years and older.

60 Minutes

For more experienced students, subject to student ability and teacher availability

New students receive a free 30-minute consultation, which consists of a 15-20 minute introductory mini-lesson. The remaining time allows for discussion about lesson procedures, studio policies, and logistics.

Transfer students are welcome.

What to expect during a lesson

At the beginning of each lesson, students will be asked to play each song assigned during the previous lesson for practicing that week.

Ariana will then provide feedback and pass off ready songs. Should any songs need additional practice, further goals will be discussed. As songs get longer and new concepts are covered, it is often necessary to need more than one week for each song.

As time allows, new material is then learned and new songs are assigned. As students are ready for this skill, scales are also assigned.

All songs and practice goals will be written down in a spiral notebook by the teacher for each student to take home and refer to throughout the week as they practice.

For younger students ages 10 and under, the last 5 minutes of the lesson is reserved for fun learning games that reinforce concepts learned throughout lessons such as notes and rhythms.

Practice expectations

Students are expected to practice a minimum of 4-5 times a week.

Recommended practice length by age:

8 and under
10 minutes per day
10-15 minutes per day
20-30 minutes per day
16 and older
25-30+ minutes per day

The above times are also dependent on skill level and age of student when starting lessons and do vary between each student. Please consult Ariana for a custom recommended practice time based on all of the above mentioned factors.